Recessed Lights

Recessed Lighting: Pot Light & Recessed Ceiling Light Benefits.

Home is where the heart is. Because of this, you want your home to feel relaxed and inviting. Naturally, this means choosing the right home decor. However, another way to accomplish this can be to use recessed ceiling lights.


What is Recessed Lighting?

Recessed ceiling lights (sometimes called pot lights) are downward facing lights set into hollow openings in ceiling areas.

Unlike with hanging lights and wall lights, pot light fixtures aren’t visible to the naked eye. Because of this, recessed ceiling lights can be used to create a variety of beautiful interior lighting effects.

Particularly in vogue among modern home designers, recessed ceiling lights can make small spaces appear visually larger. More importantly, pot lights can be used to soften and add a sense of luxury, to the atmosphere and ambiance of any home area.

Unparalleled Design Versatility

Recessed ceiling lights and pot lights can be installed anywhere and everywhere in the home.

While recessed lighting spacing is important, pot lights benefit from timeless design appeal. Lights can, therefore, be used to sympathetically uplift the appearance of any bathroom, lounge, kitchen, or bedroom.

Recessed Lighting Spacing & Design Tips

Recessed lights can be used to beautifully accent a wide range of home design features.

From wall hangings to kitchen counters and bathroom vanities, pot lights can be used to showcase any fixed decorative or home architectural feature. Because recessed ceiling lights are so in vogue, they can also help add market value to properties. However, there are some things which homeowners need to keep in mind prior to installation.

Always Have Recessed Lights Professionally Installed

Recessed ceiling lights add interest and new decorative flavors to properties. However, installing lights can be complicated.

Holes in drywall and ceilings need to be made to accommodate recessed light fixtures. More importantly, wiring needs to be professionally installed to avoid fire and other potential safety hazards. Homeowners should, therefore, always hire professional lighting installers.

Recessed Lighting Spacing is Hugely Important

Before installing recessed lights, it is important to measure the height of your home ceiling. Ceiling height dictates how far apart recessed light fixtures should be placed to maximize brightness and design appeal. As a basic rule, the higher a ceiling, the greater the distance should be between fixtures.

Space Fixtures Evenly & Install Dimmer Switches

While not essential, pot lights should ideally be installed in even numbers. Odd numbers of lights and uneven spacing can be detrimental to the basic aesthetics of a room. Homeowners should also consider installing dimmer switches to exercise even more control over home atmosphere and comfort.

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Recessed ceiling lights can transform the look of a room at the literal flick of a switch. Just as suitable for business as well as home use, modern LED recessed ceiling lights can also help cut home energy costs. To find out how your home or business could benefit, reach out to us today for a free, no-obligation initial consultation.

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