Electrical Safety

At All Day Electrician, you and your family’s safety is our priority. On top of lighting and electrical installation services, we can also assist with whole house surge protectors, childproof your home’s outlets, and conduct electrical safety inspections to name just a few. Have a look at our list of additional safety services below.

ChildProof Outlets

Sadly, each year, many children across the country are injured by electrical shocks and burns as a result of playing with electrical sockets and outlets. This can be preventable by simply childproofing your outlets which offer a simple and affordable solution. Not only will this provide you with invaluable peace of mind, but childproofing your sockets will help create a safe environment for your little ones.

Electrical Safety Inspections

What does an electrical inspection entail? Well, this involves a thorough inspection of your property’s entire electrical system. This will ensure that all wiring, plugs, and other electrical components meet the required safety standards. Upon completion, one of our inspectors will provide a detailed checklist of various areas that need immediate attention, improvements, and upgrades. 

Dedicated Computer Circuits

If you or your office is operating multiple computers simultaneously, this can often cause a string of problems such as electrical surges and loss of power. This problem can negatively impact productivity as well as your profit margins. However, a simple solution is available by installing a dedicated computer circuit, that will help multiple computers run smoothly and efficiently.

Surge Protection

Power surges can cause your home or businesses wiring to overheat and even burn, and as you can imagine this can result in serious damages to appliances and electronics and can be very, very costly. If your home or area is prone to power surges, it might be worthwhile to install a surge protector, that reduces the risk of damage to your appliances.

Wiring Updates

Faulty or damaged wiring in your home or business is a serious safety hazard. Plus, broken wires can reduce the electrical power needed to run your devices, appliances, and electronics at full capacity. For all your wiring updates, contact All Day Electrician to help safeguard your home and maximize your home’s voltage. 

Circuit Breaker Replacements

Is your building’s circuit breaker up to date and in good condition? Blown fuses, power trips, and flickering lights can all indicate a faulty or out-dated circuit breaker. With the addition of more and more electrical demands, it’s important to replace your circuit breaker when needed.

Join our long list of satisfied customers and contact All Day Electrician for any electrical safety issues you may have.