Installation & Repairs

If tackling it yourself, an electrical installation is time-consuming and can be costly if done incorrectly. Proper installations may even require additional equipment as well as endless online DIY tutorials…At All Day Electrician, rest assured we handle all our installation and repairs with professionalism and efficiency. Below are just a few of the areas we specialize in when it comes to installation and repairs.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

An electrical panel channels electricity from the power company to wherever electricity is needed in your home or building. This then ensures that electricity is safely and evenly distributed throughout your home or building. Keeping your electrical panel properly maintained is vital, and can prevent a range of costly problems down the line. 

Circuit Installations and Upgrades

Today many modern businesses are housed in older buildings, and often this means that the building’s old-fashioned electrical system cannot cope with the increased demand that a multitude of modern devices places on it. By updating or upgrading your building’s electrical circuit this will help to reduce risk and eliminate interruptions to your team’s workflow and productivity.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are a low-cost way to cool our homes during warmer weather. Even though AC units have gained huge popularity over the years, the ceiling fan is back with a bang! Did you know, when used in place of modern air conditioning systems, fans can help homeowners save up to 40% on home cooling costs? At All Day Electrician, we provide professional ceiling fan installation services, as well as upgrades such as adding lighting options to your existing fans.

Extractor Fan Installation

Extractors help to ventilate areas and rid them of odors, steam, smoke, moisture, and heat, making them more all the more comfortable and aerated. Extractor fans work well in spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms that maybe don’t have sufficient airflow. If you need an extractor fan, contact All Day Electrician and we can install one that suits both your needs and budget.

Commercial & Home Generators

If you live in an area that is prone to severe weather conditions and power outages, it might be a good idea to think about investing in a backup commercial or home generator. This way your property can run off the grid, and things like your lights, computers, TV, refrigerator, stove, and garage doors will still function when your area is hit with a power outage.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Again, if an older building houses your business, numerous devices that operate all day may put strain on the property’s existing electrical panel. Replacing the panel or upgrading it can often be a simple solution to this problem, and will prevent further costlier issues down the line.

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

Perhaps the most important item in your home, your carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors can save your life and the lives of your loved ones. That’s why it is crucial to check the batteries and test these devices regularly. If you think your detectors may be faulty or need replacement, don’t delay and call All Day Electrician to come and fix, replace or repair where necessary. 

Solar Powered Energy Systems

Installing solar panels in your home or business is an increasingly popular and affordable way to reduce your carbon footprint, increase your property’s value and save on your energy bills. Not sure where to begin? All Day Electrician can help assess the best and most affordable solar powered options that are available to you.

Power Consumption Meters

A power consumption meter helps you understand and pinpoint your energy spend throughout your home or business. By installing a power consumption meter means that you can identify what’s costing you the most and drastically reduce your spend and, of course, help the environment too.

For all your electrical installation, repair and maintenance needs contact All Day Electrician today. If you have a question on any of the above or something that may not be listed, we can still help. Call us today!