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Today, many homeowners are taking the DIY home improvement route to save money. But unless you’re a certified electrician, home improvement tasks that involve electricity are best left to experts. This is because they can easily result in injuries and property damage.

At All Day Electrician, we’re a dedicated team of licensed commercial and residential electricians who demonstrate quality workmanship with special emphasis on safety.

Here’s a quick overview of our services:

Electrical Installation and Repairs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Given our years of experience, we know the most efficient installation and repair methods for your electrical problem. Our installation and repair services include:

Ceiling Fans

These need to be properly wired into your home’s electrical system for optimal functionality and safety. And if you’re having new ones installed, you need to ensure your home’s crossbeams can support them. Hiring a residential electrician can help you address both issues.

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

You can DIY things like changing the batteries of your smoke detector and testing them. But for more complex tasks like changing your air filters, repairing/replacing broken parts, installing detectors, or performing an electrical inspection, you need an expert – and that’s where All Day Electrician comes in.


Proper circuit wiring can prevent your circuit breaker from interrupting the flow of electricity in your home. Our technicians can troubleshoot tripping circuit breakers and perform the necessary repairs or rewiring.

Electrical Panels

Whether it’s at home or your workplace, it’s common for your devices and appliances to overwhelm the wiring. Often, a simple fix for the problem is getting an extra electrical panel to ensure that you have enough power to support all your appliances. For that, you’ll need a certified electrician.

Exhaust Fans

These help to rid your home of bad odors while controlling the moisture and temperature in your home. You’ll need a professional to help you with the correct sizing and installation of the exhaust fan to function properly.

Lighting Electrician Services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Whether you need to brighten up your interiors or accent your landscape, our professionals can help you find the right lighting solutions for your needs. Our electrical lighting services include:

Ballast and Bulb Replacement

Electrical ballasts control the amount of electricity flowing to fluorescent bulbs to prevent overheating and burnouts. You need to match your ballasts to the bulb types you use and have both installed correctly.

Custom Lighting

Customizing your lighting can help highlight the best features of your home or building and create the right ambiance – all while saving energy.

Landscape Lighting

From sconces to motion sensor lighting, the right landscape lighting can enhance the security and appearance of your property. If you’re putting your home on the market, top-notch landscape lighting can help increase its value.

Retrofit Lighting

If your lights flicker or fuses keep blowing up, retrofit lighting can be a solution. This simply involves upgrading your lighting fixtures to increase energy efficiency, improve light levels, and help you save money in the long run.

Electrical Safety Services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Safety is one of the biggest concerns when dealing with electricity. Our professionals can help address your electrical safety concerns through:

  • Childproofing electrical outlets
  • Replacing your circuit breakers
  • Upgrading faulty wiring
  • Performing safety inspections to ensure your home is compliant with the latest National Electric Code (NEC)
  • Installing surge protectors to protect your appliances from power surges
  • Installing and replacing GFCI outlets in high-risk areas to prevent electrical shocks or other hazards related to the irregular flow of electricity.

I’m in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Where Can I Find an Electrician Near Me?

If you’re having electrical problems in your home or place of business, you need a 24-hour electrician who genuinely cares about your needs and loves solving electrical problems. And that’s exactly what we’re about.

All Day Electrician is licensed, experienced, and more importantly, passionate about all things electricity. We provide free estimates and, in most cases, same-day service.


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Why a Licensed Electrician?

Licensed Electricians will follow safety codes that give you peace of mind knowing that the electrical work they are performing for you is being done safely and up to state and local codes. They will safeguard your home or business and make sure that everything is done to your satisfaction.

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