Do You Need An Electrician To Install A Sensor Light?

Do you need an electrician to install a sensor light?

Sensor & Security Light Installation

Protect your home with Security Sensor Lights installed by All Day Electrician.

At All Day Electrician we are qualified in the supply and installation of security and sensor lights.

Pole lights, for example, are a fantastic option for places that aren’t necessarily in use and just need to be illuminated when people pass by or utilize the area. Leaving a light on without a reason and paying for it in your next power bill is the worst punishment imaginable.

Using a motion sensor light will save electricity by turning on the light only when motion is detected, and then turning it off after a certain amount of time. The switch for the motion sensor light may be left on all the time, and the sensor light will only come on when needed.

What are motion sensor lights?

Spot lights, flood lights, downlights, wall lights, and many other sorts of lights are all available with built-in sensors. The most popular sensor we install is the outdoor, twin LED spotlight. It’s made of high-quality weatherproof materials and produces a wide beam of light.

Some common areas that sensor lights should be utilized are:

  • Car parks
  • Storage rooms
  • Staircases
  • Rest rooms
  • Pathways
  • Outside walls of homes
  • Pantries

Sensor light Installation Cost?

At All Day Electrician can install sensor lights in your neighborhood at a reasonable cost. LED Sensor lights are the most cost-effective long-term solution, as well as delivering the finest light.

Some LED sensors feature replaceable LEDs, while others have a built-in LED that is not changeable. The life expectancy of today’s LED lights can be more than 50,000 hours, which is far better than in the past.

We can design, produce, and install an LED sensor light for less than $200. Give us a call for a free quote to have a sensor light installed now.

Sensor light Installation Instructions

We will show you how to change the settings for various uses after we install your sensor light. With the majority of sensor lights, you may modify the length that they stay on, the sensitivity of the sensor, and Lux. The LUX setting is a dial that adjusts the amount of natural light required to start the sensor and prevents the sensor light from lighting during daytime hours.

You may alter the brightness of the illumination light until the sensor light is operating as you desire. We can recommend the proper setting for installation and you may always change it later; you do not require an electrician after the light has been installed.

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